Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Rega RB300 tonearm Incognito Cardas rewired ( sold )

Used Rega RB300 tonearm Incognito Cardas rewired.
Condition : 8/10
Selling for RM SOLD
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Oxygen KS300 1.5Meter RCA interconnect

Oxygen KS300 1.5Meter RCA interconnect , in very good condition and come with original Box , RCA connector was upgraded to Kimble connector .

Asking : RM850.00

Please call / whatsapp Mr Tan +60 16 800 8896 for more info.

Thank you

Audioquest Panther RCA interconnect 1Meter - Made in USA

For sale is a pair of 1 metre interconnects with RCA connectors and 36v DBS. Selling on behalf friend and this is purchased from an authorized local dealer. The cables are in good condition. the connectors or the battery packs. 
Audioquest Panthers occupied a similar spot in a previous Audioquest line to the Colorado in today's lineup. but the improvements come at a price premium . Panthers are a real bargain at this price. From the Audioquest site, for Panthers: TEFLON AIR-TUBES: Air is the best insulation because it does not absorb and later release energy. The Teflon Air-Tubes used in Panther have almost nothing but air around the PSC+ conductors. DIELECTRIC-BIAS SYSTEM (patent pending): Greatly improved performance is made possible by a constant 36 volt charge on all Panther’s insulation. As 36 volts is far above the voltage of an audio signal, the result is considerably more transparency and dynamics than possible even from a cable in continuous use, with equipment that is never turned off. Because DBS battery packs are attached when Panther cables are assembled, Panther does not require an additional run-in period. Because there is no “load” on the single standard hardware-store battery, it will last for years. A test button and LED allow for occasional verification of battery performance. TRIPLE BALANCED: The 3 conductors in "Triple Balanced" Panther cable insure that whether prepared with RCA or XLR plugs, the positive and negative signals have equally low distortion conducting paths.

Asking for : RM1100.00 

Please call / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info 
Thank you

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

JPS Labs -The Power AC power cord 2 Meters

Selling  JPS Labs -The Power AC power cord in 2Meters length, condition 8/10

Asking : RM1,000.00

Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank You


Wywire Gold Analog IC with bybee 1.2Meter - XLR

Selling 1 pair Wywire Gold Analog IC with bybee 1.2Meter - XLR Type in mint used with original packing.

Asking: RM3900.00

Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank You


Wywire Gold Analog IC with bybee 1.2Meter

Selling 1 pair Wywire Gold Analog IC with bybee 1.2Meter mint used with original packing.

Asking: RM3850.00

Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank You 


TARALABS RSC Decade RCA Interconnect 1.0M-Sold!

Selling 1 pair Taralab RSC Decade RCA interconnect 1Meter in original condition, dynamic , transparent , wide and deep soundstage.

Asking : Sold!
Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 for more info.

Thank You


Purist Audio Design (PAD) Colossus Speaker Cable 3 Meters

Selling Up for sale is a set Purist Audio Design (PAD) Colossus Speaker Cable 3Meters, The Purist Audio Colossus has good balance top to bottom and excels perhaps on the top end with a clear, crisp and extended sound. These cables would make a good addition to any system in need of a speaker cable upgrade.

Asking : RM2,550.00

Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.



AFA Ares Power Cord (UK Plug) - Sold

Selling AFA - Ares powercord in UK plug. This power cord are in good condition.
Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank You


Altec Lansing N1285-8B Horn Speaker Driver Crossover Dividing Network - Sold

Selling Altec N1285-8B network crossover these are user adjustable as 1200hz, 800hz or 500hz networks and they feature an upper midrange EQ via the dual purpose HF level pot. Very nice networks. 100% correct and ready to use. Pulled from working Altec A5 system

Asking : Sold

Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.
Thank you


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Oyaide DR-510 digital cable

condition~8/10 original box 1.3 meter
contact~012 4844 033

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

TEAC AG-3000 Stereo Receiver Amp (Used)

Made in Japan
Price  : RM500
Tel    :  Goh 017-6343350

Input :  1 Aux  1 Phono

Monday, 8 May 2017

Rega Apollo-R & Rega DAC (used)

condition~8/10 original box
price~sold (CD player & dac)
contact~ 012 4844 033

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Jadis JPL & JA30 Pre and Mono Block Amplifier

Selling 1 set Jadis Pre amplifier  :
Description: Line-level preamplifier, with 4 general pairs of inputs, 1 CD pair of inputs, and 1 tape loop. Voltage gain: 35dB at 1kHz, for line-level inputs.
Dimensions: 17" (430mm) W by 7" (170mm) H by 11.8" (300mm) D. Weight: 29 lbs (13.2kg).
Monoblock Power Amp JA30 :

The JA-30 tube monoblocks has always been a very special pair of amps for us. Rated at 30W Class A, they are simply impossible to break away from once you have them powered up and playing. They have an amazing amount of bass, a very richly textured mid-range and smooth highs that will bring about a magical experience when you listen to them. Vocals were particularly holographic with a 3D like imaging. The amps are self-biasing (but must use a match pair) so it is almost like plug in and play. Very smooth and easy. This is the MK I and the difference between this and the MK II is that the MK II can run on KT-150 tubes for a slight increase in power output.

Asking : RM24,000.00

Please call / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank you


Thursday, 13 April 2017


This Tice Power Block Signature Series III C was the latest production version for AC Line Conditioners. This unit is in perfect condition (cosmetically & mechanically), no dents, no scratches and no rust. I have just upgraded to the PS Audio P10 and was going to keep my Tice only because of its perfect condition; however, the P10's size and weight does not allow for me to keep it in the rack. Tice has introduced the ""C"" version of their ""Signature Series"" Power Block III, said to improve the performance of any audio and home theatre system by providing pure AC power. The updated product features sixteen outlets and front panel switching. The Power Bock B III ""C"" claims to refine the concept of individualized filtering, by incorporating transformerless wide-band passive filters for digital and low current signal processing equipment, and high current filters for power amplifiers. Each of the five outlet groups has its own dedicated low noise power filtering circuitry, configured for the special requirements of today's critical audio and video components. The Power Block III ""C"" contains two independent power conditioners on one common chassis. Each conditioner section is equipped with its own power cable and circuit breaker. The new ""C"" revision preserves the same elegant cosmetics, switching functions and non-current limiting amplifier circuits of its predecessor, the Power Block III ""B"". The Power Block III was first introduced in 1993. The new PB III ""C"" incorporates a number of refinements including TPT treated components, high purity circuit boards and direct path wiring techniques. The ""C"" can deliver 1800 watts for the signal processing components and up to 2400 watts for high current power amplifiers. Features - Fully grounded outlets - U.S. models - 16 outlets - Euro models - 14 outlets - U.K. models - 12 outlets - Dual scale A.C. voltmeter - 3600-4200-watt capacity - Two 8-foot TPT treated high grade power cables - Independent video monitor circuit - no. 4 - 6 point spike and surge protection - Completely transformerless passive filter design - Two independent high current circuits with four outlets for power amplifiers - The Power Block III will not limit current when used with high current power amplifiers - Three independent wide band filter circuits for signal processing components - All circuitry treated with proprietary TPT technology - .5-inch contoured black anodized aluminum face plate

Asking : RM3,800.00

Please whatsapp / call 016 8008 8896 - Mr Tan for more info.


Opera Prima 1.5 Solid Wood Speakers with original box

Selling one pair Opera Prima 1.5 book self speakers ( Made in Italy ) with original box

Asking : RM2000.00

Please call / whatapp 016 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info


Monday, 27 March 2017

Salena jones CD for sale

contact~012 4844 033

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Imported audiophile CD ( sold )

Imported audiophile CD for sale.
1) Sheila Majid / Lagenda RM 180 sold
2) Amanda McBroom / Dreaming RM 180 sold
3) Rob Wasserman / Duets RM 180 sold
4) Een Strausfest RM 80 sold
5) Round Up RM 80 sold
6) Ein Straufest ii RM 80 sold
7) Aaron Neville / Warm your heart RM 60 sold
8) Netalie Merchant / Tigerlilly RM 60 sold
9) Holly Cole Trio / Don't smoke in bed RM 60 sold
10) Deep Purple / Machine Head RM 80 sold
11) Eva Cassidy / Live at blue Alley RM 80 sold
12) Tracy Chapman / Tracy Chapman RM 60 sold
13) Jennifer Warnes / The Hunter RM 60 sold
14) Eagles / Hell freezes over RM 60 sold
15) Eagles / Hotel California RM 60 sold
16) Fourplay / fourplay RM 60 sold
 All CD in very Good Condition 
Please contact Alan 016-5576846  SMS/Whatsapp