Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Western Electric 300B match pair same date code no:2

Selling Western Electric 300B power tube match pair no:2 same date code: 9952 . The tube was in good condition.

Asking : RM6,800.00

Please call / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

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Western Electric 300B match pair same date code no:1-RESERVED

Selling WESTERN ELECTRIC 300B match pair no:1 Power tube in good condition and same date code: 9952


Please call / whatsapp to +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Marantz 7C Original in prefect condition Sn: 18816 - SOLD

Selling one unit Legend Marantz 7C original ( NOT REISSUE ) tube pre Sn: 18816, item in working prefect condition with 6pcs Telefunken 12ax7 tube.

Asking :SOLD

Please call / whatsapp to 016 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Furutech e-TP609 AC Power Distributor


•Outputs: 6 Outlets "Starwired"
•Input: 15A/1Furutech’s Award-Winning Pure Transmission Build Quality
Many A/V enthusiasts go to great lengths to carefully set up major system components, but pay little attention to the source, the AC power. Furutech knows that each and every part of the chain is as important as the next, so maximum attention is lavished by Furutech on all aspects of AC power transfer.

Meticulous build quality is a large part of the engineering equation. Furutech Pure Transmission quality turns a macro lens on every element of power and signal transfer applying optimized engineering solutions to well-known problems such as contact resistance, EMI and RFI rejection, grounding, and using the best materials and processes available.

Formula GC-303
GC-303 is a special material Furutech bonds to the interior bottom-plate of the chassis (see illustration below) that absorbs EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) generated by the internal fittings of the unit. The e-TP 609 uses no filtering besides Formula GC-303 so AC resistance is kept to a minimum, allowing a more resolving, powerful, dynamic, and colorful performance from your components.

Furutech’s Patent-Pending Axial Locking System
Furutech designed a special locking screw (see illustration below) that anchors each duplex receptacle preventing oscillation and enhancing long-term stability. Further, a special 3M material isolates the duplex outlets from resonance. Total attention to detail: Each Axial Lock is torqued to perfection to work with the 3M resonance control material, with 4 spikes provided to mount the entire unit.

“Sometimes simpler solutions are better solutions—a notion that perhaps explains why Furutech’s e-TP609 six-outlet power distribution module works so well. … The e-TP609 is not a “power conditioner,” since it doesn’t provide active, in-line power-purification/filtration circuitry of any kind. … a simple six-outlet power-distribution box that features a robust metal chassis, high-quality vibration-damped “Axial Locking” AC outlets, ultra-high-purity copper wiring, and passive noise filtration via strategically placed panels of an EMI-absorptive material called GC-303 (developed by 3M). … In practice, the e-TP609 yields a noticeable reduction in background noise and grunge, coupled with a smooth, organic sound that allows music’s natural beauty to flow freely.”
Reviewed by Chris Martens, Issue 173 of The Absolute Sound25V IEC


・Beautifully-crafted special grade aluminum chassis
・Effectively shields against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)
・Internal layer on bottom plate of Formula GC-303
・Effectively shields against EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference)
・Internal wiring: Furutech Alpha-22 conductor at 3.8 sq. mm (< 12 AWG)
・Guarantees low electrical resistance
・Pure Transmission FP-20A(R) High Performance Rhodium-Plated Receptacles
・Each duplex separately “star-wired” to High Performance FI-09(R) IEC AC input
・Separate conductor sets on each duplex
・Rhodium-plated phosphor bronze, non-magnetic conductors for stable, long lasting, optimized power transfer
・Furutech’s Axial Locking System lowers receptacle resonance by a factor of 10

・Dimensions: 266mm (W) x 130mm (D) x 56mm (H)
・Net Weight: 2.85Kgs
・Rated:         15A/125V 
* Come with original box *
Asking : RM3,500.00
Please call / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info

Van Den Hul The SECOND ® (Halogen Free) XLR cable 1M

After the enormous success of our coaxial interlink The FIRST ®, it was the correct time to also produce a balanced version with Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) conductors. And what would be more logical than to name it: The SECOND ®.
So The SECOND ® was born in the beginning of 1993.
The two centre conductors are made of identical groups of LSC, each containing 12,000 individually insulated fibres.
Besides the undisturbed and very good signal transmission per fibre, the individual insulation also much contributes to the high sound quality: no wild electron crossings between individual conductors subject to all kinds of boundary problems. The electrons move in one direction without side movements.
  • The insulation of both centre conductors is made of polyethylene foam in the colours white and brown.
  • The special treated artificial filler fibres protect The SECOND ® against penetration of humidity; this keeps the capacitance stable and low.
  • The shield is made of 4 layers: two different groups of helically wound dense silver coated OFC strands and 2 LSC saturated layers. This is the best possible shielding available; completely closed against any external signal penetration and with many advantages in the total construction itself.
  • The jacket is made of a nice light brown coloured HULLIFLEX ®, the best external insulation material we can think about.
The SECOND ® is available in ready made lengths with our C - 7.3 RCA type connectors for single-ended applications and with Neutrik XLR connectors for balanced applications.

There is practically no limitation to the applicable length of The SECOND ®.
We have produced XLR connected The SECOND ® with a length of 25 meters as microphone cable for professional recording applications.

Equally, The SECOND ® renders an outstanding resolution and neutrality when used as an electrical instrument cable.
Also as a balanced (AES-EBU) digital cable The SECOND ® works perfect.

We do not sell The SECOND ® on reels because de-insulating and connecting the 24,000 fibres really needs expertise.

Asking : RM1300.00

Please call / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.


Monday, 4 September 2017

REL Storm III Powered Subwoofer

Selling UK REL Storm III in mint condition and came with original box packing, manual and cable.

STORM III Specification :
TYPE : Linkwitz-Riley Loading
INPUT CONNECTORS : 2 Neutrik Speakon, Twin Phonos and 1 XLR
AMPLIFIER TYPE : DC Coupled Mosfet
DRIVE UNIT : 250mm Volt Long Throw Heavy Duty Cast Chassis
PHASE : 0 and 180 Degrees
MAINS INPUT VOLTS : 230 via fused I.E.C. socket


Asking : RM3700.00

Please call / whatsapp to +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.


Thursday, 17 August 2017

2017 DTS Demo Disc Vol.21

Asking : RM350.00 / pc 

Please whatsapp / call +60 16-5573431 James Ng for more info

Thank You

Condition : New in Box

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Audio Alchemy digital decoding engine v2.0 DAC

Audio Alchemy digital decoding engine v2.0 DAC in good condition.

Asking : RM2300.00

Please call / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank You

Data specification :

D/A converter
D/A conversion system Bit stream
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz±0.2dB
Higher-harmonic-wave distortion + noise -98dB
Signal to noise ratio 100dB or more
Digital input Light: One line
Same axle (BNC): Three lines
Sampling frequency 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
Digital output Same axle: One line
Analog output Same axle: One line (2V)
Dimensions Width 407x height 65x depth of 206mm
Weight 1.9kg  

Mullard CV181 (ECC32 / 6SN7) NOS with box

Selling 1 pair Mullard CV181 ( ECC32 / 6SN7) in NOS with box condition.

Asking : RM2300.00

Please call / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank You

Cary CAD 40 mono power amplifier (EL34/6L6/KT88)

Cary CAD 40 mono power amp, item in good condition and fully restore , just plug and play.

Asking : RM5300.00

Please call / whatsapp : +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info

Thank You

GEC KT66 Clear Glass - 3 pcs

Selling famous GEC KT66 clear glass USED- 3 pcs (1 bottom has missing but doesn't effect the sounding), smooth , sweet sounding , suitable for Quad, Leak vintage power amp.

Asking : RM1800.00 (both)

Please call / whatsapp : +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank You

Musical Fidelity X-Ray V8 CD plus Triple-X Power Supply

The player and supply unit are created in united style, but they have different sizes, so it wouldn't be aesthetically to put them upon one another. The faceplate of the player is made of silver and grey aluminum and is added by LCD-display with blue indication - if you look directly at the display it looks beautiful, but if you slightly go aside or overlook, it becomes unavailable. Ribbed side boarders of the body are black, and instead of legs the modules are put on rubber runners and this will save other elements from scratchers. A micrometric transport Philips is installed in the player Musical Fidelity X-RAY V8 - it is also used in A5 series. A digital filter, which uses the method of interpolation for accuracy increase of mathematic calculations at conversion of digital signal into analogue form, controls upsampling of usual signal (44,1 kHz/16bit) up to 192kHz/24bit. High qualitative Delta-Sigma-DAC almost hasn't got distortion and keeps jitter meaning at minimal level. The channel is made on two converters in differential connection that promotes low correlation signal/noise output. The construction of the devise is symmetric. A powerful toroid transformer with separate secondary side for different components of the line is mounted in external supply unit. The rectifiers, smoothers and balancers in the player and in other modules are built-in.
In an attempt to catch up and surpass "high resolution" using simple CD and very modern today upsampling, the creators of CD players, to our mind, overlooks (or accepts) one nuance. Probably, you can argue about it, but you pay attention to it. We say about excessive dryness and synthetical character at high frequencies. From one hand this is even a plus - if your room is too muted and in the result of this (or just by its character) the sound of using speakers is "cotton" and flabby. However, if you get used to bright sound, in the issue there will be some excess of this brightness. It was mentioned too in our case. At the same time we can't keep silent about lots of pluses: crystal clarity, definition of images and deep relief of stage. Expression and dynamics, energy and neutrality - these can't be separated from the amplifier. The same is with good, rich middle and bumping, "perceptible to the eye" low frequencies. Evidently, such sound will be stroked a chord with not only lovers of rhythm and popular styles, but listeners of the classic. String passages, piano placers, trills of flutes - everything was interesting and very truly. Musical Fidelity X-RAY V8 undoubtedly earns a trip in life.
You should buy this amplifier at least with external supply unit (Triple-X PSU) of like-named line X, because the player doesn't have own power transformer and is equipped by special, stated power cord with XLR plug. Further use with any other sound-amplifying devices doesn't cause any troubles. From the other hand you can build finished construction, bethought by the "architects" of the brand, buying two more "bricks" - amplifier and tuner. The supply unit is intended for work with them. Each channel, providing the modules by energy, is marked and you won't mix up what and where connect to. The player revives at the same time with turning of power center. We recommend you to put them at some distance from each other.

Asking : RM3300.00

Please call / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info

Thank You GOOD LUCK!

Sonic Frontiers Transdac & Jitterbug

Selling Sonic Frontiers Transdac & Jitterbug in very good condition 9/10 .

Asking : RM4500.00

Please call / whatsapp : +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank you

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Rega RB300 tonearm Incognito Cardas rewired ( sold )

Used Rega RB300 tonearm Incognito Cardas rewired.
Condition : 8/10
Selling for RM SOLD
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Oxygen KS300 1.5Meter RCA interconnect

Oxygen KS300 1.5Meter RCA interconnect , in very good condition and come with original Box , RCA connector was upgraded to Kimble connector .

Asking : RM850.00

Please call / whatsapp Mr Tan +60 16 800 8896 for more info.

Thank you

Audioquest Panther RCA interconnect 1Meter - Made in USA

For sale is a pair of 1 metre interconnects with RCA connectors and 36v DBS. Selling on behalf friend and this is purchased from an authorized local dealer. The cables are in good condition. the connectors or the battery packs. 
Audioquest Panthers occupied a similar spot in a previous Audioquest line to the Colorado in today's lineup. but the improvements come at a price premium . Panthers are a real bargain at this price. From the Audioquest site, for Panthers: TEFLON AIR-TUBES: Air is the best insulation because it does not absorb and later release energy. The Teflon Air-Tubes used in Panther have almost nothing but air around the PSC+ conductors. DIELECTRIC-BIAS SYSTEM (patent pending): Greatly improved performance is made possible by a constant 36 volt charge on all Panther’s insulation. As 36 volts is far above the voltage of an audio signal, the result is considerably more transparency and dynamics than possible even from a cable in continuous use, with equipment that is never turned off. Because DBS battery packs are attached when Panther cables are assembled, Panther does not require an additional run-in period. Because there is no “load” on the single standard hardware-store battery, it will last for years. A test button and LED allow for occasional verification of battery performance. TRIPLE BALANCED: The 3 conductors in "Triple Balanced" Panther cable insure that whether prepared with RCA or XLR plugs, the positive and negative signals have equally low distortion conducting paths.

Asking for : RM1100.00 

Please call / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info 
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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

JPS Labs -The Power AC power cord 2 Meters- sold

Selling  JPS Labs -The Power AC power cord in 2Meters length, condition 8/10

Asking : sold
Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

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Wywire Gold Analog IC with bybee 1.2Meter - XLR

Selling 1 pair Wywire Gold Analog IC with bybee 1.2Meter - XLR Type in mint used with original packing.

Asking: RM3900.00

Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank You


Wywire Gold Analog IC with bybee 1.2Meter

Selling 1 pair Wywire Gold Analog IC with bybee 1.2Meter mint used with original packing.

Asking: RM3850.00

Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank You 


TARALABS RSC Decade RCA Interconnect 1.0M-Sold!

Selling 1 pair Taralab RSC Decade RCA interconnect 1Meter in original condition, dynamic , transparent , wide and deep soundstage.

Asking : Sold!
Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 for more info.

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Purist Audio Design (PAD) Colossus Speaker Cable 3 Meters - sold

Selling Up for sale is a set Purist Audio Design (PAD) Colossus Speaker Cable 3Meters, The Purist Audio Colossus has good balance top to bottom and excels perhaps on the top end with a clear, crisp and extended sound. These cables would make a good addition to any system in need of a speaker cable upgrade.

Asking : sold

Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.



AFA Ares Power Cord (UK Plug) - Sold

Selling AFA - Ares powercord in UK plug. This power cord are in good condition.
Please contact / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info.

Thank You