Thursday, 27 January 2011

Panasonic DMP-BDT300

For sale: New but open to admire
Price : rm1799.00 nego.
Contact: 0124700700(Erick)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mccormack DNA 1 Power Amplifier (used)

Selling Mccormack DNA 1 power amplifier (150 watt at 8ohm). Condition 7/10. Price: RM3,000 Contact : leo 012-3317405
This power amplifier has been highly praised by many reviewers


"The DNA-1 is a strong Class B product that is knocking on the door of Class A performance. That's saying a lot for a $2000 amplifier, especially one with this power output and ability to deliver high current into low impedances. In short, the McCormack Power Drive DNA-1 amplifier is a real find, and a bargain at the price—a true high-end powerhouse amplifier that won't break your budget."

I bought the DNA-1. I had no choice. It took me hostage, and told me what a fool I'd be if I sent it packing. I'll be listening to other amps along the way, but based on what I've heard over the years, the McCormack Power Drive DNA-1 will stand proudly against all comers in its price range. I'm thinking it'll hold its ground with a few more expensive amps as well. This is a true Workin' Person's product--emotionally involving, and an excellent value for your cash (or plastic). But don't trust my word. Take one home and give it a workout. If you end up short in the wallet afterwards, you'll know where I've been. ...Dave Duvall


Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams Japan LP OBI

Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams Japan LP OBI

Gatefold Sleeve with original Japanese / English Insert
Optional Pos Laju cost at RM10 only.
CONDITIONSealed - This is completely new, nobody open the it.Really New.
Mint - It is like a New.Superb condition.
Excellent - Very beautiful might have slight scratch but it is in really beautiful condition as being used one.
Very good -It looks really good, considering its age.
Good - Average condition, there might be some tore, scratches tape damaged
PoorS - heavy scratches, heavily damaged
Simple Dreams is one of the most successful albums of Linda Ronstadt's career, spending five consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart in late 1977. It also knocked Elvis Presley out of No. 1 on Billboard's Country Albums chart.

Simple Dreams was Ronstadt's fifth consecutive million-selling Platinum album and sold over 3½ million copies in less than a year in the United States alone – a record for a female artist. It elevated Ronstadt to mega-superstar status and the highest paid female singer in the world.

Originally, the front cover would have had Linda dressed in a provocative and revealing mini-slip seated in front of multiple mirrors; instead, she put on a robe, and the photograph was made artificially grainy. A re-touched outtake photo from the original photo sessions was belatedly included on the sleeve for her Greatest Hits, Volume 2 album in 1980.

CONTACT / SMS : KT 0195941098

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hitachi LP Cleaner made in Japan NOS SOLD ALL

Hitachi LP Cleaner made in Japan NOS
RM SOLD ALLpost by friend 012-4211131

NAGAOKA made in Japan LP cleaner (5 last unit)

NAGAOKA made in Japan LP cleaner
RM 150
post by friend 012-4211131

Zeepa demagnetizer Made in England nos(4unit last)

Zeepa demagnetizer
Made in England
RM 150
post by friend 012-4211131

WTS Sonic Frontier sfl-2 USED

Sonic frontiers sfl-2 Tube pre amp w/ separate power supply. 1 balanced in, 2 balanced out, 5 rca in, 2 rca out and 1 tape rca out.
condition 7.5/10
asking RM4500
Made Canada
Contact +6012-7627994 (sms please)

Linn LK1 Pre Amp & Linn LK2 Power Amplifier For Sale (Used)

Linn LK1: Solid-state preamplifier with two phono inputs (MM/MC), four line-level inputs, including two tape loops, 256-step digitally switched volume control, and optional IR remote control. Specifications: Input impedance: 50k ohms (phono MM), 150 ohms (phono MC), 10k ohms (line). Nominal output level: 500mV. Phono Sensitivity: 5.0mV (MM), 150µV (MC). Line sensitivity: 500mV RMS. S/N Ratio: not specified.

Linn LK2: Solid-state stereo power amplifier. Output power: 80Wpc into 8 ohms, 160Wpc into 4 ohms (conditions not specified). Voltage gain: 28.5dB. Input impedance: 5k ohms. S/N Ratio: not specified. Slew factor: not specified. Polarity: non-inverting.

Price: RM 2,400.00 (1 set - Includes both LK1 pre amp and LK2 power amplifier).

Contact: Azad at 012-3333895

Saturday, 15 January 2011

WTS audio research CD2 used

Audio Research CD2 cd player used
condition 7.5/10
price RM3800
location jb
contact + 6012 7627994

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Leak TL12 plus tube mono blocks ( Sold )

Pair of Leak TL12 plus tube mono blocks power amp ( Made in England ) C/W matching Leak Point One Stereo tube pre amp. The Power amp and pre amp have recently been recap and will last a long time without any problem.The Leak TL12 plus are AC 240 volts units. The output power is 12 w and have 4, 8, 16 ohms output with jumpers on the output transformer.All the transformers are originals without any repair done and guaranteed to be working.
Asking price : SOLD
Location : Ipoh
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

Thorens TD 125 mk1 ( Used ) Sold

Thorens TD 125 mk1 turntable ( Used ). Made in Germany. C/W original TP 14 tone arm and Shure N55E cartridge. The turntable in still in very good working condition.
Asking price : SOLD
Location : Ipoh
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

Altec Lansing 605A speaker ( Used ) Sold

For sale, pair of excellent Altec Lansing 605A speakers in Altec 606 cabinets ( Used ) C/W original cross over.The Altec 605A is a 15" dia. 16 ohm coaxial duplex driver. Made in USA( Anilco magnet ) The Altec 606 cabinet is made from 18mm thick local marine plywood and finish in real wood veneer ( Nyatoh wood )The workmanship is fantastic and the size and measurement of the cabinets are made to the exact measurement ( nearest mm ) from plans downloaded from the net.Measurement for the cabinets are ( 910 mm W x 910 mm H x 610 mm D ) .At present, I am driving the pair of Altec 605A with my Eico HF22 mono blocks and the sound in fantastic.Very realistic vocal and excellent in instrumental music with very fast bass.The Altec also sound very good with my Leak TL12+ mono blocks.Both my mono block power amps have 4,8,16 ohm output.The Altec 605A sounds best when driven with 16 ohm output.The Altec 605A is very easy to drive and the placement of the cabinets can be near to the rear wall or free from wall.
Price : SOLD
Location : Ipoh
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

Monday, 3 January 2011

WTS Sonic Frontiers SFS 40 power amp USED

Sonic Frontiers sfs 40 power amp used 4pcs EL34, 4pcs ECC88, 40watt
Condition 7.5/10, asking for RMSOLD, location at JB
interested please contact +6012-7627994 (sms please)