Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Rega RB300 tonearm Incognito Cardas rewired ( sold )

Used Rega RB300 tonearm Incognito Cardas rewired.
Condition : 8/10
Selling for RM SOLD
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Oxygen KS300 1.5Meter RCA interconnect

Oxygen KS300 1.5Meter RCA interconnect , in very good condition and come with original Box , RCA connector was upgraded to Kimble connector .

Asking : RM850.00

Please call / whatsapp Mr Tan +60 16 800 8896 for more info.

Thank you

Audioquest Panther RCA interconnect 1Meter - Made in USA

For sale is a pair of 1 metre interconnects with RCA connectors and 36v DBS. Selling on behalf friend and this is purchased from an authorized local dealer. The cables are in good condition. the connectors or the battery packs. 
Audioquest Panthers occupied a similar spot in a previous Audioquest line to the Colorado in today's lineup. but the improvements come at a price premium . Panthers are a real bargain at this price. From the Audioquest site, for Panthers: TEFLON AIR-TUBES: Air is the best insulation because it does not absorb and later release energy. The Teflon Air-Tubes used in Panther have almost nothing but air around the PSC+ conductors. DIELECTRIC-BIAS SYSTEM (patent pending): Greatly improved performance is made possible by a constant 36 volt charge on all Panther’s insulation. As 36 volts is far above the voltage of an audio signal, the result is considerably more transparency and dynamics than possible even from a cable in continuous use, with equipment that is never turned off. Because DBS battery packs are attached when Panther cables are assembled, Panther does not require an additional run-in period. Because there is no “load” on the single standard hardware-store battery, it will last for years. A test button and LED allow for occasional verification of battery performance. TRIPLE BALANCED: The 3 conductors in "Triple Balanced" Panther cable insure that whether prepared with RCA or XLR plugs, the positive and negative signals have equally low distortion conducting paths.

Asking for : RM1100.00 

Please call / whatsapp +60 16 800 8896 Mr Tan for more info 
Thank you