Tuesday, 31 August 2010

FS 68se - 10th Anniversary Editions


Frequency response 45Hz to 25kHz +/- 3 dB

Sensitivity 85dB / 1 Watt / 1 meter

Recommended power 20 - 200 Watts

8 Ohms nominal

Dimension (H x W x D) 13" x 7" x 10"

Weight 20 lbs

Made in canada

Contact :MR GOH 0127288799

Monday, 30 August 2010

Nottingham Analogue Space Deck

Nottingham Analogue Space Deck Turntable and Space arm. Fantastic sounding Turntable in excellent working order.

I'm not great at describing a component's sound, but I'd say that this arm and turntable are detailed but still smooth and very musical. I don't think you can do better at my asking price.

Rega Phono Stage,Fono MM。(Used。)Sold.


Rega Phono Stage,Fono MM。(Used。)

Condition : 8.5/10。

Price : Sold。

Interest please Call or SMS Ean 019-5710383。

Rega Plannar 3 Turntable。(Used。)SOLD.



Rega Plannar 3 Turntable。(Used。)

Tonearm :RB300。

Cartridge : No。

Condition : 7/10。

Price : Sold。

Interest please Call or SMS Ean 019-5710383。

ProAc Future One loudspeaker

A company other than ProAc best describes the Future One: "And now for something completely different!" Of course, that was a company of British comedians. There's nothing funny about the talented British speaker designer Stuart Tyler's latest effort, but there is something odd: Tyler is reputed to have said of the Future One, "This is the loudspeaker I have always wanted to build."

Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE

The Black Cube phono stage is already legendary and world famous. The SE-version is equipped with the PWX power supply for an even better sound. Lehmann Black Cube, especially in its Special Edition version with the add-on power supply. I kept reading great reviews which really talked about qualities like soundstage and especially its “full bodied” tone and wide bandwidth.

Condition 9/10 with original box. Selling at RM2100(Neg)plus shipping cost

Item at Kota Kinabalu. Will ship to West and East Malaysia

Interested pls call at 0128251110 or email dyarch@gmail.com

Balanced Audio Technology VK-5

Balanced Audio VK-5i

Fully Balanced Tube Preamplifier(Used)

Rated 8/10

The VK-5 captures the heart and soul of reproduced music in a compelling way.

Without question, this line stage is the very finest unit of this type.

From a design, engineering, and sonic perspective, this is one killer product.

I enjoyed the harmonic rightness, dynamic authority, rugged reliability, superlative performance.

This preamp uses eight 6922s and two 5881s.

I hear the tubes inside are still OK.

Weight: 31 pounds

Condition 8/10 with original box. Selling at RM4500(Neg)plus shipping cost

Item at Kota Kinabalu. Will ship to West and East Malaysia

Interested pls call at 0128251110 or email dyarch@gmail.com

Sunday, 29 August 2010

FS : JAN 5670W (NEW)

condition : new (1 pair)
price : RMsold
contact : 012 4844033 loh

FS : HUBBELL Receptacle (used)

condition : 8/10
price : RM60
contact : 012 4844033 loh

FS : Cable Talk speaker cable (used)

Model : concert 2.1 (2 meter pair)
condition : 8/10
price : RM130
contact : 012 4844033 loh

FS : Nordost lnterconnect (used) reserved

model : Red Dawn 1 meter
condition : 7/10
price : reserved
contact : 012 4844033 loh

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Naim Audio NAC 72 Phono Pre-amplifier *Excellent cond. (Used)

The legendary Naim pre-amplifier
A superb example of what must be the best value pre-amplifier Naim has ever made, in excellent condition.
As many of you know, this pre-amplifier is well sought after by Naim fans and betters the current pre-amplifiers like the 152X.

Serial No. 58234
Classic 'Olive' series, includes phono boards.
(Excellent Working Condition)
Naim's slogan is "World class sound...". A phrase that has always been associated with all Naim hi-fi equipment. You can never go wrong if you opt for Naim Audio product.

If you’re looking at this advert, I guess you already know how 'Great' the Nac 72 is.
Many reviews are available from various sources, that testify to the high regard that the NAC 72 is held and represents the acquisition of serious Naim amplification at a down to earth price.
The NAC 72 is a class piece of equipment by Naim, a world class brand. It still today commands a market at providing a warm, detailed music with the identifyable 'Naim punch'. If it was new today it could have cost at today's price in excess of RM3,000.
Here is a great opportunity to buy a near 'MINT' England's Naim NAC 72.
High-end pre-amplifier with original box. The unit is in absolutely perfect operational and cosmetic condition. You should be hard pushed to find a better example than this one. This is a very good opportunity to own a perfect example of a "classic" Naim pre-amplifier.

It comes with a MC phono board - NC 323 for a vinyl record player fitted.
This is a later version with CD input - it has a RCA input for the AUX which is very useful connecting your non Naim CD player to it.

This is a fantastic legendary Pre-amp which punches well above its weight for clarity, power and timing.

Condition is excellent in all respects and has been used in an all Naim system since purchase.
This classic 'Olive' series Pre-Amplifier has NC-323 Low Output Moving Coil Boards from new.

The NAC 72 phono pre-amplifier can be upgraded by adding in a Naim HiCap or FlatCap external Power Supply unit.
Fabulous upgrade for Naim NAC 72 pre-amplifier, if you have not heard the difference they make the music sound better, and I can thoroughly endorse. The HiCap provides a super smooth power source to Naim pre-amplifiers and other components.
IMHO use the NAC 72 with Hi-Cap, and it becomes a Hi-End pre-amp.
The NAC 72 is a pre-amp that was designed to work with any power amplifier but is especially suited to a Naim power amplifier specifically the NAP 140. The NAC 72 obtains its power/electricity, from the power amp or from a separate power source. The NAC 72 is a control box for linking record player, CD player, tape deck, tuner, etc. to the power amplifier and does not itself send power to speakers.
If this is the first time you want to use a Naim audio equipment, here is some useful info for you:
Naim equipment is special in many ways including its sound. The Naim NAC 72 phono pre-amp is use and prefer to be used together with other Naim gears. Naim pre-amp can be powered up by some of Naim poweramps and their dedicated optional external power supply PSU eg. Naim Flat-cap, Naim Flat-cap 2, Naim Hi-Cap and Naim SuperCap. The power supply is normally connected up using its SNAIC (5-pins DIN) cable. Or when you own a Naim poweramp (not all of them), you can connect the NAC 72 preamp and the poweramp together. The NAC 72 preamp will get its power supply from the Naim poweramp.
Therefore you may need to first log on to Naim Audio website http://www.naim-audio.com/index.htm
and check out all the possible connections for the various pre and power amps, and decide which combination you want to own.
That is why the Naim Hi-Cap or any Naim power supply unit (PSU) is in such great demand today. We have one Naim HiCap for sale here (pls view advert below).

The photos show just what stunning condition the amp is in. It really sounds stunning and you have to spend a considerable amount to better its performance.

I wont give you any details on the sound, as you are probably aware that this Naim punches well above its weight, and the pace, rythym and timing are all there in spades in the typical Naim fashion, and the more expensive sources and speakers you have, then the more the Naim NAC 72 responds to them.
Download Owner's Manual:
Download File
This unit has been thoroughly checked and is all in excellent fully working order.
I can assure you that the unit I am selling has been carefully chosen to produce the ultimate sound at this mid to high-end level.
Please view our other items to see many more items of quality Hi-Fi for sale.

(Including a Naim Flatcap, Flatcap2, HiCap external power supply unit, Naim NAC 122 & NAC 122x pre-amp, Naim NAIT 3 & NAIT 5i integrated amp, NAP 160, NAP 180 & NAP 200 power amplifier and Naim CD3.5, CD5 & CD5i CD player)
Will be VERY well packed and promptly sent via insured, trackable courier delivery - or collect from me and save on the delivery charge.

Selling: RM2,350.
RRP New Retail Price in U.K. was £500 when the exchange rate was at GBP1=MYR7, or equivalent to RM3,500.00 (Not including Malaysian Customs import tax & Shipping cost).
Should you be a serious buyer that may be interested in contacting me directly, I can be contacted at: 019-3464456
Or you could email with your queries to: rjzarina@yahoo.com

Naim Audio NAC 72 Pre-amp
It comes complete with all original packaging, box.


Friday, 27 August 2010

WTS Audio research VSI55 tube Int. amp USED sold

audio research VSI 55 6550EH org. tube with remote,
perfect working condition,
cond 8/10. asking for RMsold,

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Thiel cs 2.3 floostand speaker (Used)

Post for a friend .A pair Thiel cs 2.3 floostand speaker very good condition rate at 8.5/10 .
Price :RM6500
Contact :Kelvin 0177105988


Monday, 23 August 2010

FS:Unison S2 amplifier (sold)

power output : 12W EL34x2 ECC82x2
condition : 8/10
asking : RM sold
pls call : 012 4844033 loh

Houston Mini-1998 vacuum tube integrated amplifier (SOLD)

Asking sold

Condition 8/10

Tel: 016- 708 7676

Item :J.B

Interested please email:wslaw888@gmail.com

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Cetronic Reguvolt 500E Voltage Regulator For Sale.

Cetronic Reguvolt 500E Voltage Regulator.
Suitable for A/V Hifi Equipment Use.


Input 240V or 220V Output 240V or 220V
-20% +20% +/-1% +/-1%
+10% -12% Max Current 2.08 2.27
(192v-264v) (192v-264) Max Load 500vA

Item condition: Used
Item price: RM980.00

Call us at +(6)012-3333895 or email multitrade.mte@gmail.com