Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Grant G100 AMS mono block power amp (Used) SOLD

Classic tube mono-block power amp,made in U.K.condition :7/10 due to age,still in good working condition,c/w 2 X KT88 power tubes and 2 X ECC83 tubes,power rated at 100 watts/ch/8 ohms,was pound sterling $1600,now selling at RM3200.please contact Mr Martin Phang 016-743-8880 for more infomation. ~SOLD

Acoustic Zen Silver Signature Ref II for sale (Used)

Acoustic Zen Silver Reference Signature II interconnect for sale. Length: 1 meter. RCA terminated. Condition: 9/10.
Price: RM2,300.00 /pair.
Contact: 012-4762968 Long

PS Audio Premier SC Power cable (Used)

For sale is the PS Audio Premier SC Famous cable. Condition: 9/10.
Length: 2 meters. Connection: 15 Amp IEC and US 15A plug.
Core material: Silver.
Price: RM3,750.00. Contact: Long 012-4762968.

BOD speaker stand (Used) ~SOLD

Selling to this China made solid wood speaker stand,condition at 8.5/10.height can be adjust from 16 inches to 20 inches,suit to big bookshelf speaker like Harbeth HL-5,Spendor 1/3,2/3,SP1, Rogers Studio 7,LS6/a and etcs.

Selling price : RM230.00 ~SOLD~SOLD to P.Pinang.Thanks guy.

Please contact Mr Martin Phang 016-743-8880 for more infomation.

Arcam Alpha 9 ingrated Amp. (Used)Sold

Arcam Alpha 9 ingrated Amp. condition 8/10, made in England, 75w x 2 into 8 omh c/w Original Remote control unit. Item in great working condition.

Asking for Rm. Sold
Please sms or call Roy 012-3890333 TQ

Rowann 24" Speaker stand (SOLD)

Rowann 24" Speaker Stand , condition 8/10, Very well build Solid stainless steel spike.
Asking for Rm. Sold
Please sms or call Roy 012-3890333 TQ

Monday, 30 March 2009

BADA Hifi Power Plan LB-5500 & LB-3300 (New)Sold

Bada LB-3300 HIFI Power Plan c/w conditioner & direct by pass,total 6 gang distribution.
Asking for Rm. Sold out

Bada LB-5500 HIFI Power plan c/w volt meter,conditioner & Direct by pass.
Asking for Rm. Sold
Interested please contact Roy : 012-3890333
Thanks for viewing.

Cambridge Audio Azur 540 P-S Phono Pre Amp (New)

Cambridge Audio Azur 540 P-S (New)
MM Phono Pre Amplifier
Asking for RM450
Contact CN Lim @ 012-339 3738

Cyrus DAD3 (Used)

Cyrus DAD3 (used)
condition :8/10
Asking for RM1700
Contact CN Lim @ 012-339 3738

Mordaunt Short Mezzo 2 Bookshelf (New)

Mordaunt Short Mezzo 2 Bookshelf speaker (New)
Asking for RM2490
Contact CN Lim @ 012-339 3738

Yarland Tube Integrated Amplifier FV34C (New)

Yarland Tube Integrated Amplifier FV34C (New)
Asking for RM1990
Contact CN Lim @ 012-339 3738

Tannoy Mercury 2 (Used)

Tannoy Mercury 2 (Used)
(Made In Europe)
condition: 8/10
Asking for RM790
Contact CN Lim @ 012-339 3738

Van Den Hul "The Jubilee" Interconnect (New)

Van Den Hul "The Jubilee" Interconnect (New)
1 open box for photo shooting purpose only
come with Free SACD
Asking for RM1600 (each)
Only 2 pairs available
Contact CN Lim @ 012 339 3738

Delta Cable Canada AC700 power cable (Used)

Delta Cable Canada AC700 power cable (Used)
Condition: 8/10
Asking for RM750(nego)
Contact CN Lim @ 012 -339 3738

Sherwood Tema A-1 power amp (Used) SOLD

Sherwood top model power amp,twin C core transformer.power output at 255 watts/8 ohms,condition is 8/10,c/w RCA & XLR balance input,2 groups of speaker output for bi amp purpose.

Sound powerful and clearly.suit to drive difficult loaded speakers.

Please contact Mr Martin Phang 016-7438880 for more infomation.~SOLD

Cambridge Azur 640P V2(used)

Cambridge Azur 640P V2(used) for sale.
Integrated Amplifier, 75watts per channel, c/w remote.
Condition: 8/10. Asking price: RM1,000.
Item in Selangor.

Pls. call 016-415 7007
Thank you for viewing.

Spendor Prelude bookshelf speaker (Used)~SOLD

Classic big bookshelf speaker made in 1985,condition is 7.5/10 due to age,using 1 inch Audax tweeter and 8 inches polyxxx mid bass woofer,all in perfect working condition,and it very easy to drive even small power tube amp.

April fool's silly price at RM1000.please contact Mr Martin Phang at 016-743-8880 for more infomation.~SOLD~

ProAc Tablete 3 bookshelf speaker (Used) SOLD

Rare and classic,condition : 8/10, finishing : Mahogany.high sensitivity at 88db/8 ohms,using Seas tweeters and Seas mid bass woofers,very great sounding especially vocal part.pin point sound staging and clean bass extended.

This bi-wire version Tablete 3 selling price at RM1688.Please contact Mr Martin Phang 016-743-8880 for more infomation.Location : JB.Johor. ~SOLD

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Musical Fidelity A100 Integrated Class A Amplifier (Used)

Musical Fidelity A100 Integrated Class A amplifer (Used)

Asking for RM1700 (Nego)

Condition : 8/10

Contact CN Lim 012-339 3738

Audio Research LS17 Pre Amplifier & VT100 MKIII Power Amplifer (Used)

Audio Research LS17 Pre-Amplifier(Used)
Audio Research VT100 MKIII Power Amplifer (Used)
Condition : 9/10 (view to appreciate, like new)

With Shipping Box and Manual
Asking for RM35,000.00 (Selling as a set)
Item can be viewed at Amcorp Mall , PJ.

Contact CN Lim 012-339 3738

Cambridge Audio Azur 640 P-S (New)

Cambridge Audio Azur 640 p-s (New)

MM/Mc Phone Pre-Amplifier with build in subsonic filter

Asking for RM790

Contact CN Lim 012-339 3738

Saturday, 28 March 2009

HiFi Rack (Solid Wood) (Used)

Letting go a solid wood hifi rack. Condition 8/10. Price: RM400 (nego). Interested, please contact me at 012 217 5825 (Eddy)

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sonus Faber Concertino Domus. (SOLD)

Selling my Sonus Faber Concertino Domus speaker & 24" heigth speaker stand.
Stand can directly bolt to sonus Faber speaker.
Only few months old, still under factory warranty (3 years warranty period)
Very good condition, seldom use, play not more than 100 hours.
perfect finishing, like new.
completely with operation manual, packing box & warranty card.
Speaker & Stand asking for RMSOLD
Interested pls give me a call 012-2217157 Soon.

Monday, 23 March 2009

REGA Apollo Cd Player (NEW)Sold

Rega Apollo CD Player,Condition 10/10,Wolfson DAC,New open box for photos only,warm sound base.Full warranty provided.

Asking For Rm.Sold
please sms or call Roy 012-3890333 TQ.

Antique Sound Lab A1006 Power Amplifier (Used) -Sold

Antique Sound Lab monoblock A1006 for sale. Condition: 8/10.

Tubes used less than 200hrs and being upgrade. Price: Sold.

Enjoy the music "Golden Ear Award". Contact: Khor 012-4762968.

JBL L-26 Speaker (Used)Sold

JBL L-26 Vintage Speaker, Condition 7/10, Made in USA c/w Original Driver unit, 1 x 1 " tweeter (Adjustable crossover) & 1 x 10" woofer, very big stand mount unit. In 100% Working condition.low and solf bass and very warm sounding.(without speaker stand)

Ask for RM Sold
p/s call or sms to Roy at 012-3890333

Marantz CD-63KI MKII (Used) SOLD

Description :

The Marantz CD-63 KI player is engineered for exceptional audio performance, featuring advanced digital technologies and premium components for superlative picture and sound quality. It is the ideal source component for a wide variety of high performance installations.
Features : - Reinforced chassis in critical areas - Output analogic circuits sealed in copper enclosures - High-quality signal capacitors - Free oxigen copper used in main transformer - Gold platted RCA connectors - Headphone socket - Digital volume control - Several program and reproduction options
Specifications :Conversion system Bitstream 1 bit
Transport mechanism : Philips CDM 12,
Laser : Holographic with servo-digital error correction control,
Digital outputs : Coaxial and optical digital outputs
Finishing : GOLD
Dimension(w x d x h) : 43 x 31 x 9cm
Weight 6 kg, Made in Japan, Condition 7.5 / 10 (Decent condition)

Asking For Rm. SOLD
please sms or call Roy 012-3890333 TQ.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mission Freedom 753 floorstand speaker (Used) SOLD

Made in in UK.ELSA award winner.won lotta of good reviews,condition at 8.5/10,c/w 1X 1" metal dome tweeter and 4X 6" mid bass woffer,sound very powerful and fast,can play very loud for your HT system.selling price : RM1688.contact Mr Martin Phang at 016-743-8880. SOLD-Thanks to Mr Chong.Taman U.J.B.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Sine SA-5 Silver Cryo power distributor (New)

SA - 5 Silver Cryo

Features and Specification

  • 5 Top Quality UK AC outlet
  • Audio grade silver wire is used in internal wiring
  • Cryogenic treatment applied on every parts of the distributor
  • Extra thick Gold plated outlet and IEC male with Cryogenic Treatment
  • 13mm Aluminium Alloy Chassis
  • Dimension: (L) 360mm (H) 55mm (W) 85mm
  • Net Weight: 2.8 KG
  • Gross Weight: 3.2 KG
For further details or info, please visit:

Condition : 10/10

Price : RM1150 nett (Usual price RM1570)

Contact : 012-2950036(JR), jr_yan23@yahoo.com