Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mission 772 speaker (Used)(SOLD)

Selling a pair made in England speaker ,rate at 8.5/10 very well care.
asking for SOLD
Edwin 0167887786

Friday, 29 May 2009

Arcam One cdp & Arcam Delta 290 int amp (Used)

Selling to this UK made cd player and int amp,condition is 8/10,without remote control for cd player,both items in very good working condition,seeking to sell at RM1400.Please contact Mr Martin Phang at 016--743---8880 for more info.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sonic Frontiers SFL1 & SFS80( sold out )

sonic frontiers SFL1 preamplifier & SFS 80 power amplifier RMSold at 012-7899999
sold out

CDs for sale (Used)....SOLD

Selling to this lot of CDs,totally 12 pcs,included famous Hugo's cds,Japan King recording and etcs,whole lot offer at Rm200.please contact Mr Lee at 016-753-7405.Location : JB.~sold

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sony TA-E 1000ES-D Pre amp processor (Used)

Previous top model,Japan made Sony top line pre amp and proceesor,very good sounding use as a pre amp,build in phono stage,build in DAC,many many's come with original remote control and manual instruction.
Selling price : RM450.
Please contact Mr Martin Phang at 016-743-8880 for more infomation.....

Infinity SM-122 floorstanding speakers (Used) SOLD

Infinity SM-122 monitor floorstanding speakers for sale. With 12 inch woofers, 5 inch midrange, and a 1 inch polycell tweeter. Rated at 200 watts RMS with 108db - 1 watt/1meter SPL. Condition 8/10. Location in Kuching. Selling SOLD. Contact or 0198599506

Monday, 25 May 2009

Bada LB3300 power conditioner (new)

Item FeaturesMany A / V enthusiasts go to great lengths to carefully set up major system components, but pay little attention to the source, the AC power is as important as the next.The AC waveform becomes severely distorted by ground noise, voltage spikes and sags, high frequency power supply noise from other components in your own system, plus radiated high frequency digital noise from processors and digital interconnects. There are also distortion products at the top and bottom of the AC waveform created by switch-mode power supplies in electronic devices on the same circuit. Additionally, you're never alone; your residential AC mains supply is shared with other apartments, homes, and businesses on the same utility transformer. That's why many audio and video enthusiasts notice their systems are more enjoyable late at night or on weekends!Listen and look for these symptoms Flat, hard, and grainy high frequencies, a thick and bloated midrange, fat, uncontrolled bass, and loss of air and soundstage stability. On video displays the picture resolution is less than sharp, with “ ghosting ”, color shift, “ snow ”, or vertical and horizontal lines. If this looks and sounds familiar, you need this power filter!The beautifully crafted special grade aluminum chassis effectively shields against another common problem, guaranteeing low electrical resistance, High Performance Receptacles and AC input ,separate sets of conductors for each of the duplex receptacles. They feature non-magnetic conductors for stable, long lasting, optimized power transfer,it can eliminates many common problems found in audio and video components caused by massively contaminated electrical power lines,AC kept to a minimum, allowing a more resolving, powerful, dynamic, and colorful performance from your components.• Receptacles: 6 ways (suit for all plug) and 2 US(suit for US plug only) • Input: 110V ~250V, 50HZ / 60Hz • Electric current: 15A / 3500W • Width 130mm X Height 65mm X Depth 350mm
RM340 frim
Edwin 0167887786


"She is singing in front of
you" with 100khz super
ribbon tweeter on the
top of LS3/5A speaker

100kHz add on twin-ribbon super tweeter
JAS Audio 100K MK II super tweeter

Outstanding Features:
Twin-ribbon super tweeter with 100kHz frequency response
Improvement on soundstage, clarity, layering, openness, airiness and resolution
Attractive gloss stainless steel semi-dome shaped cabinet
High quality components
Selection of sensitivity and crossover
Frequency response: 7kHz - 100kHz
Frequency response: 10kHz - 100kHz
Sensitivity: 86 dB/W/M and 92 dB/W/M selectable
Crossover: 12kHz and 15kHz selectable
Driver: pure aluminum twin ribbon
Net weight: 1.8 kg per speaker
RM (Sold out ,next shipment will arr on 29/6)
Edwin 0167887786

Ladiva Tube CD Player (NEW)

Marque, Modèle :

LADIVA Modèle Aquarello
Echantillonnage :

24 bits/192 Khz
CD Transport :

Modified Philips VAM12 laser pick up and Philips CD-7 servo system for accurate laser pick up and fast track access.
Dynamic range :

100 dB
Rapport signal/bruit :

100 dB
Reponse en fréquence :

20 - 20 Khz
Total harmonic distorsion :

Convertisseur Digital analogique (DAC) :

Cirrus Logic 4396(24Bit/192KHz) as DAC.(Digital-Analogique-Convertisseur)
Nombre et type de sorties :

Sortie coaxiale numérique, (asymetrique) R C A, Sortie Optique S/PDIF, Sortie tubes
Niveau de sortie en V :

3 v p-p
Etage TUBE type de tube :

Materiaux :

Corps acier façade PVC
Chargement du CD :

par tiroir
Compléments d'informations :

transformateurs clos baigné dans la érsine, horloge ultra précise,
Dimensions :

Largeur 430 mm x P 330 x H 130

9 Kg
Alimentation & consommation :

220V-240 V
RM2980 ( Sold out ,next shipment will arr on 29/6 )

Edwin 0167887786

City Pulse DA 7.2 x DAC (Used) SOLD

Selling to this 24 Bits/192KHZ D/A converter,condition is 8/10,c/w remote control,this DAC having pre out that mean you can connect to power amp directly,it's included coaxial input,optical input,and 1 analogue input,2 sets analogue output and a pair of XLR output.
Price : 1100 firm. ~~~~~SOLD
Please contact Mr Martin Phang 016-743-8880 for more info.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Korsun PIE 2 integrated amp (Used)-SOLD

This little giant killer need no introduce,proudly made by Dragon Kingdom--China.near mint at 8.5/10,powerful output at 50 watts /ch/class A.

Now seeking to sell at RM1150.please contact Mr Martin Phang at 016--743---8880 for more info........//////SOLD//////

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

CEC CD3300 CD player (Used)(Sold)

The CD3300 uses a unique LEF
(Load Effect Free) analog line amplifier instead of conventional
analog audio IC op-amps. With LEF, the signal is processed in a
single gain stage and therefore any negative feedback which can
introduce some sort of distortion is fundamentally avoided. Pure
A class operation and a short, straight signal path enables
perfect reproduction of the musical details.

Also utilizes 24-Bit/192kHz compatible
Burr-Brown PCM1738 for their converter. A multi-bit ladder type
design is ingeniously combined with a Delta-Sigma design to
create a new hybrid advanced segment converter that comes with
superior dynamic. Come with remote control. Condition:
8/10. Price SOLD.tq

f interested pls call/sms/email



Sunday, 17 May 2009

Monster Cable 1000HD 2 meters HDMI

new and sealed
cod in penang or pos laju
call 0195610797

Monster Cable M1000HD 2 meters hdmi

new and in box
selling RM600
cod in penang or pos laju
call 0195610797

Saturday, 16 May 2009

WTS: A1 Tributaries Silver Audio Interconnect (XLR Balanced)

Selling a pair of 1.5m (5 feet) US made A1 Tributaries Silver Audio Interconnect with Neutrik Connectors.
Condition : 7.5 / 10
Selling : SOLD (nego)
Pls contact David @ 012-3268 663
TQ !

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Vintage Nivico Deluxe Turntable (Used) SOLD

Vintage Nivico Deluxe belt-drive turntable with mm cartridge in working condition.
Condition : 7/10 due to age. Price : Sold
Location : Ipoh
Please contact Cheng-016 5502566

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Various LPs (used)

Linda Ronstadt-What's New-Asylum-USA-VG++ - Sold
Linda Ronstadt-Lush Life-Asylum-USA-VG++ - RM45
Linda Ronstadt-Prisoner in Disguise-Asylum-USA-VG++ - RM45
Linda Ronstadt-Get Closer-Asylum-USA-VG++ - Sold
Linda Ronstadt-Mad Love-Asylum-USA-VG++ - RM45
Linda Ronstadt-Simple Dreams-Asylum-USA-VG++ - RM45
Tracy Chapman-Self Titled-Elektra-Can-VG++ - Sold
Jennifer Warnes-Famous Blue Raincoat-Cypress/RCA-AUS-VG++ - Sold
Jimi Hendrix-Roots of Hendrix-Trip Rec.-USA-VG++ - RM65
Jimi Hendrix-The Cry of Love-Reprise-USA-VG++ - RM65
The Doors-13-Electra-USA-VG+ - RM50
Bob Dylan-Greatest Hits Vol. II (2LPs) -Columbia-USA-VG++ - RM90
Larry Calton-On Solid Ground(Promo Copy)-MCA-USA-VG++ - Sold
Bad Company-10 from 6 (Greatest hits)-Atlantic-USA-NM - RM50

Vinyl Grading

NM : Near mint (no scratches/scuffs on vinyl, like new)
VG++ : Very good plus plus (minor scuffs, may have isolated surface noise)
VG+ : Very good plus (minor scuffs/scratches, some surface noise)
VG : Very good (scuffs,scratches,surface noise)

Self collection or by registered post.
Please contact Cheng - 0165502566
Location : Ipoh

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Generic speaker stand (used)

Selling 3 pillars, 24 inch speaker stand. Price: RM160. Condition: 7/10. Contact me: 012-3317405. Location PJ area, Selangor
If you need shorter speaker stand, you can also contact me. I have 2 pairs of 3 pillars shorter stand, around 18 and 16 inch respectively.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Vandersteen 2Ce signature floorstand speaker (Used) Sold

Made in USA,4 ways 4 drivers designed,included 1X1" tweeter,1X4 " mid,1X 8" bass and 1X 10" low bass driver,condition is 8/10,c/w with original spk stand,selling price at RMSOLD,please contact Mr Phang at 016-743-8880 for more infomation.

TS LIM Diva Classic 100 Tube pre amp (Used) SOLD

Selling this line input only tube pre amp,made by TS LIM from Singapore,condition is 8/10,c/w external power supply,sound very wonderful,sweet and warm.selling at RM1550.
PLEASE call Mr Martin Phang at 016-743-8880......for more infomation. ~SOLD

Rotel 970BX cd player (Used)~SOLD

Selling this Rotel bitstream cd player,condition is 8/10,c/w remote control,this player applied Philips cdm9 pickup lens,reproduce very good sound quality,it's good for DIYer to modify too.
Now seeking to sell at RM700,please contact Mr Martin Phang 016-743-8880 for more in.~~~SOLD

Creek CL 20 bookshelf speaker (Used)-SOLD

Selling this UK made bookshelf speaker,condition 8/10,c/w SEAS tweeter and 8 inches mid bass woofer,very warm and culture sound,seeking to sell at RM650.00. ~SOLD
Please contact Mr Martin Phang at 016-743-8880 for more info.

Philips CD920 (SOLD)

Selling my Philips CD920 cd player, come with operation manual & remote control.
New CD lens, just replaced after chinese new year. 100% working condition.
Rate: 8/10
Location: Kajang
Asking for RMSOLD
Interested pls Give me a call 012-2217157.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Audio Space AS300B MK2 integrated amplifier SOLD

Audio Space AS300B MK 2 single ended integrated amplifier. ( Used ) 300B/ SL7/ SN7 tubes. 3 years old. Local 240v model. Bought from A&L. Condition: 8/10. SOLD. Please sms Aaron: 012 3603898. PJ/KL area.