Saturday, 30 January 2010

Krell KSA100s

This is the Class A amp that the Krell legend was made on. It is very sweet and smooth almost like listening to vacuum tubes with the seductive smooth mids and highs and also has bass to die for that most tube amps are missing. This one is in very nice condition with very little use in a second home so its ready for many years of pleasure to go.

Price: RM5,800-00 negotiable
Preference: Buyers from Sabah and free shipping charge to west Malaysia.
Contact: 0128251110

Thursday, 28 January 2010

AKAI AM-2350 Vintage Integrated Amp. (Used)

Here to let go a vintage AKAI-2350 integrated amp. Rated 7.5/10 dute age,
35w+35w/4 to 8 ohm c/w very good built in phono stage.

Asking for Rm 350.00 (Nego)
Call or sms 012-3890333 (Roy)

Thanks for viewing

Krell MDA-300 Monoblock Poweramp (Sold)

Pair of Krell MDA-300 pure class A monoblocks for sale. Conservatively rated a 7.5 out of 10 due to its age; they are in great shape and have been lightly used. As a result they still sound and look new. Originally manufactured in 1993, they were Krell's top of the line and are still considered among their best ever produced.

Asking for Rm.Sold/Pair
call or sms me 012-3890333 (Roy)

Audio Research LS2B mkll (SOLD)

Very Nice Pre Amp Condition 8/10 working perfectly
RM 3800.00
email us:

Classe Audio CA 151 Power Amp (SOLD)

Good working condition, powerful sound quality
RM 3500.00 Condition: 8/10

email us

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Meguro MAK-6571W 2 CH Audio Distortion Meter For Sale

Meguro 2 Channel Audio Distortion Level Meter Model MAK-6571W

The MAK-6571W is designed to speed up measurement of distortion in radio sets, stereo amplifiers, tape recorders, and other audio equipment. Measurements of the total harmonic distortion, THD, can be made simultaneously for two-channels at 400Hz or 1000Hz.

In use, the input signals may be at either 400Hz or 1000Hz for each channel since automatic, frequency selection is applied during measurements.

An advantage of this instrument is the ability to measure distortion even when there is a small variation in the input signal level.

Again, an efficient high pass filter system is used making it possible to accurately measure distortion in presence of wow flutter in the reproduced signal from a tape recorder or a phono-player.

This instrument can be used as a level meter, when required, for signal inputs, 10mV to 100Vrms, in the 20Hz to 100kHz band.

■ Measurement of low distortion levels is possible.
■ Simultaneous measurements of distortion, or level, for two channels.
■ No need for initial input level calibration-a timer saver.
■ Distortion and input signal levels can be measured at the same time-two meters are used.
■ Switchover of input frequencies, 400Hz or 1000Hz, is automatic for both input channels.
■ Distortion can be accurately measured even with variation in the input signal level, or in presence of wow flutter in tape recorders, etc.
■ Total harmonic distortion is indicated without regard to "AC hum".
■ On option; a single-frequency filter, namely, 2nd or 3rd harmonic of 300, 315, 333Hz, or 1, 2, 3kHz

Item condition: Used
Item price: RM1800.00

Call us at +(6)012-3333895 or email

WORK A.C. automatic voltage regulator (used)

For sale one set A.C. automatic voltage regulator.
Brand : WORK
Model : SED-5000S
Capacity : 5,000 VA (5kVA)
Output voltage : 230 Volts
Asking price : RM1,350 (nego.)
Call / sms : 012-777 1755

Diy sub-woofer (AB1) (used)

For sale a pair of DIY passive sub-woofer similar to AB1.
Matches well with LS35a / Harbeth HL-P3 (IMO).
Asking price: RM1,500 (nego.)
Call /sms : 012-777 1755 for audition.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Mcintosh MC2205 Power

Mcintosh mc250 is a vintage high current power amps rated 50 watts per chanel in good working condition, condition 7/10 due to age.
letting go at RM2700.00
Please call me: 017-2836 217.

Audiolab 8000c Pre Amp.

this audiolab is in mint condition, originally made from England and yet never repair remain 100% original, only little blemish appear upon the cover beside everything superd,
is quote 7/10 due to age.
selling off at RM1100.oo (still negotiable)
please 017-2836217 Lim

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Eidetic Reference Preamplifier Model GB2a (used) SOLD

Eidetic Reference Preamplifier Model GB2a (used)

Phono, CD, Aux, Tuner output and external power supply.

Made : Manufactured by Eidetic Audio Research, Brisbane Australia.

condition : 8/10

Asking price : Rm (nego.) SOLD

Remarks : Good condition.

Chario Silverette 100 speaker (used) SOLD

Chario Silverette 100 speaker (used)

Impedance : 8 ohms, 89dB

condition : 8.5/10
Made : Made in Italy

Asking price : Rm930.00 (SOLD)

Contact : Lee 012-3282330

Location : KL

Remarks : Very good condition, with front grill.

Wireworld Oasis 3+ Interconnect 1M Pair (USED)

WireWorld Oasis 3+ Audio Interconnect Cable - 1 meter Pair

Description: This auction is for a 1 Meter RCA Audio Interconnect cable - WireWorld Oasis 3+ This is without a doubt one of the best cables on the market under US$300! Excellent condition

Asking For: RM270.00

Contact: Mr. Tan: 017-710 8236,

Item Location: Johor Bahru.

Sansui A-40 Integrated Amplifier (used) SOLD

Sansui A-40 Integrated Amplifier (used) VU Power Meters

condition : 7.5/10
Made : Made in Japan.

Price : Rm SOLD

Contact : Lee 012-3282330

Remarks : Good working condition, all knobs are ok.

Sansui AU 111 (Parts) - Used (SOLD)

Sansui AU 111 Tube Amplifier (Parts) - Used
1 x Main Transformer
2 x Output Transformers

In good condition, Price RM 1350 negotioable

Contact: 016 - 363 6644 Chai

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Yaquin Buffer Mullard EF95 tubes (New)

Yaqin Tube Signal Upgrade CD/VCD/DVD Buffer Processor Amp is an extremely convenient way to improve the timbre of player, higher performance Instantly upgrade the sound of popular brand CD/VCD/DVD player, guaranteed perfect sound effects; extremely good sound using along with the vacuum tube amplifier; It is very flexibility than the built-in design tube CD player, let easy change to another tubes or connect it to another player. Specifications * Power :230V * Vacuum tube : Mullard EF95x2 * Input impedance : 0.55V * Frequency response : 5HZ-500KHZ(-1dB) *
Price :RM 470 Nett
Edwin 0167887786

Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 1. (Used) SOLD


Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 1. (Used)

condition :8.5/10.

Price :SOLD.

Please Call or SMS Ean 019-5710383。

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

McCORMACK pre-Amp (Used)

McCOMACK The Mod Squad Line Drive Pre-Amp
Completely passive . No Ac . So virtually no Ac noise.
Line level only (no phono) . Elegantly Simple design.
Price : RM 850
Contact : ow yang 012-7899999

Sonic Frontiers Line 2 tube preamp - SOLD

Stereophile recommended class A product, condition: 9/10 complete with 2 boxes and packing. All functions perfect, include remote control. 6 pcs Sovtek 6922 original tubes.

Separate outboard power supply, XLR balanced in/out and headphones amp and home theatre direct features.

Physically like new. Asking RM4,900 only. Contact : 017-3610218 (Selangor)

Monday, 18 January 2010

Ecosse ES 2.3 Speaker Cable (Used)

Brand : Ecosse ES 2.3 Speaker Cable (Used)
Termination : Single wire, 2 to 2
Condition : 9/10 ,Factory terminated
Length : 1.5 m Single
Prices : Rm 135

Contact : Mr Koay
Mobile phone : 012-4333896
Location : Penang

Ecosse ES 4.45 Speaker Cable (Used)

Brand : Ecosse ES 4.45 Speaker Cable (Used)
Termination : For Bi-Amp, 4 to 4
Condition : 9/10 ,Factory terminated
Length : 2 m pair
Prices : Rm 695

Contact : Mr Koay
Mobile phone : 012-4333896
Location : Penang

Rega P3/24 Turntable (Used)

Rega P3/24 Turntable
Condition: 9/10 (2 weeks old, comes with box and manual but without cartridge and power supply)
Contact: 0176949526
Price: RM1200

Thorens TD320 MK 3 Turntable (Used)

Thorens TD320 MK 3 Turntable Condition: 7.5/10 Price: RM1800nego Contact: 0176949526

NAD C541i CD Player (Used)

NAD C541i CD Player

Condition : 8/10

c/w original box, manual and remote control

Price reduce : RM800

Contact : 012-2911899 Ben

Musical Frbelity Class A100 Integrateoamp (Used)

Contact:016-3636644 chai

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Imported original CDs- used


2. EDEN - Sarah Brightman (EMI) - RM 30

3. Chasing the moon - Ai Jing (SONY - Columbia) - RM 20

4. DAVE's TRUE STORY (24bit re-mastering GOLD DISC Audiophile Recording) - RM 40


6. Place De un Airport - Valen Hsu - RM 10


1. Ondekoza (鬼太鼓座) ("demon drum group"), the best of ONDEKOZA I, II, III (Audiophile CD, VICTOR, JVC) - RM 75 (3 cds, box set)

2. JUSTICE - Tokunaga Hideki 德永英明 (Japan Pressing, APOLLON) - RM 30

3. Mysterious Yaluzhagbu - (Audiophile CD 24bit-remastering) - RM 20


1. APURIMAC III - CUSCO (Audiophile CD - Higher Octive Music) - RM 40

2. SWAN LAKE - Tchaikovsky, Boston Symphony Orchestra-Seiji Ozawa (DG - made in Germany) - RM 30 (2 cds)

3. ALEGRIA - Cirque Du Soleil, music: Rene Dupere (RCA VICTOR - made in EC) - RM 35

4. Le Couple - Emi Fujita, (Pony Canyon) - RM 28

5. SOUL of the TANGO, the music of ASTOR PIAZZOLLA - Yo-Yo MA (Sony CLassic) - RM 28

6. BRAVE HEART O.S.T, James Horner (DECCA) - RM 28 ***SOLD


1. MY WAY, the best of Frank Sinatra (Warner) - RM 10

2. CIRQUE INGENIEUX - Kitaro (Domo) - RM 20

3. JOURNEY of MAN O.S.T - Cirque Du Soleil ()Sony CLassical) - RM 30

4. PIANO ADAGIOS - 2cds (Erato) - RM 30

5. DAWN of a NEW CENTURY - Secret Garden (Philips)- RM 28 ***SOLD

6. CONTACT O.S.T - Alan Silverstri (Warner) - RM 10


Postage using POSLAJU National Courier:

RM5 (Semenanjung M'sia) maximum 5 CDs
RM8 (Sarawak) max. 5 CDs
RM8 (Sabah) max. 5 CDs

To order/buy, contact: