Saturday, 29 October 2011

Casino Royale 200g LP Classic Records – Disc 4 Only (Sealed out of print)

Casino Royale 200g LP Classic Records – Disc 4 Only

Classic Records' newest formulation: CLARITY SV-P II CLEAR VINYL!

The genesis of the new formula came as a result of a visit to High End Audio's self proclaimed Vinyl Guru Michael Fremer's Analog Laboratory. Mr. Fremer demonstrated a Furutech LP demagnetizer. After using the demagnetizer, vocals had so much more texture, bass definition and clarity of every nuance of the recording was vastly improved and there was more low level information than we had ever heard in the recording.

Why did the demagnetizer had the sonic effects on a record? Very simply the carbon black that is ADDED to vinyl for LP manufacture contains trace metals that become randomly magnetized and interfere electrically with the cartridge hanging overhead during play. So... if carbon black and the trace metals contained therein caused playback distortion in the cartridge then why not take out the carbon black altogether? Classic Records Clarity SV-P II Clear Vinyl is the answer!

Clarity Vinyl represents the ultimate in vinyl formulations because it is comprised of over 90% percentage of the highest quality co-polymer available - a key component in vinyl pellets used for manufacturing vinyl records. Further, Clarity Vinyl has no carbon black additive, common in vinyl formulas for LP's. Carbon Black contains trace metals that become magnetized and cause "electrical distortions" in cartridges during playback that smears the sound. By taking out the Carbon Black, Classic Records is able to dramatically reduce the "electrical distortions" and thus bring more "Clarity" to the playback process, providing a more realistic musical experience to the listener and LP enthusiast.

45 rpm records have long been recognized as providing a higher fidelity musical experience resulting purely from the cartridge being able to extract more of the nuance from the complex vertical and horizontal groove modulations in stereo LP's. Further, Classic Records 45 rpm "single sided" pressings dramatically reduce the mechanical resonances created by the cartridge during playback by allowing these resonances to be more fully transmitted to and absorbed by the turntable platter. Classic Records Clarity Vinyl 45 rpm pressings are designed and manufactured to provide the "LOWEST DISTORTION" in every aspect of LP playback resulting in putting the listener as close to the music as possible.


Quiex Clarity SV-P II Clear Vinyl



Classic Records Single sided 45 RPM Clarity Pressing of Casino Royale Disc 4


The venerable Sir James Bond
Dream on James You're winning
The big cowboys and indians fight at casino royale (casino royale theme)

Condition : New / Sealed (Out of Print)

Price : SOLD

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

General Electric Model T1243B tube radio ( Used ) Sold

For sale, Vintage General Electric Model T1243B Am/FM tube radio. 110v power input made in USA.Very beautiful ply wood body finish in Walnut veneer and in very nice condition.The radio tunes in to all local FM stations and sounds very warm and musical.One very nice tube radio for your collection
Dimension in inches : 9 H x 16 W X 6 D
Weight : 3.4 kg.
Condition : 6.5/10
Location : Ipoh
Asking price : SOLD
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

Arvin Model 35R48 tube radio ( Used ) Sold

For sale, Vintage Arvin Model 35R48 Am/FM tube radio. 110v power input made in USA.Very beautiful ply wood body finish in Walnut veneer and in very nice condition.The radio have lighted twin dial.The radio tunes in to all local FM stations and sounds very warm and musical.One very nice tube radio for your collection
Dimension in inches : 9 H x 17.5 W X 6 D
Weight : 3.4 kg.
Condition : 6.5/10
Location : Ipoh
Asking price : SOLD
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

RCA Victor Model 8R71 tube radio ( Used ) Reserved

For sale, Vintage RCA Victor Model 8R71 Am/FM tube radio. 110v power input made in USA.Very beautiful bakelite dark brown body and in very nice condition.The radio tunes in to all local FM stations and sounds very warm and musical.One very nice tube radio for your collection.
Dimension in inches : 9 H x 13.5 W X 8 D
Weight : 6 kg.
Condition : 6.5/10
Location : Ipoh
Asking price : RM580 Reserved
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

Phil Collins No Jacket Required JAPAN LP Obi Near Mint

Release # P-13077

WEA/Warner-Pioneer Corp., Japan

LP / Vinyl : Near Mint

Sleeve and insert : Near Mint

IMMACULATE! Beautiful ultra-clean full gloss wax, clean unmarked labels with NO spindle marks, looks unplayed - STUNNING COPY!

Brilliant Sonics!


side one matrix: P-13077-1 TO 5-3 1-A-2

side two matrix: P-130727-2 TO 1-A-3 3

The referenced matrix are either spizer/hand engraved (italic text) or stamped (standard text) on both sides in the trail-off/dead wax around each record label.

The Jacket is graded: NM- Beautiful clean glossy jacket panels, clean solid seams and title edge - all text fully legible, crisp clean corners, modest top gate corner nudge only...


Includes: the half-fold English/Japanese lyrics/photo insert, a separate Japanese liner notes/photo insert, , the round-bottom poly innersleeve and the 2,800 yen Obi!



Only You And I Know

Long Long Way To Go

I Don't Wanna Know

One More Night

Don't Lose My Number

Who Said I Would

Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore

Inside Out

Take Me Home

Price : RM90 (Nego)
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Monday, 24 October 2011

Fritz Reiner - Respighi: Pines of Rome & Fountains of Rome 180G LP (Sealed Out Of Print)

Definitive performances of the most beloved tone poems in classical music -- all on one spectacular disc! Combining the virtuosity of Fritz Reiner’s Chicago players with the ultimate audiophile sound quality of Living Stereo, these popular favorites sparkle and seduce as never before. Evocative and rapturous, this special recording typifies the magnificent legacy of stereo’s Golden Age.

A highly sought-after RCA shaded dog Living Stereo title, the performance and sonics found within, rate a 10/10. A triumphant achievement from producer Richard Mohr and engineer Lewis Layton. The dynamics are monstrous! Timid Woofers beware!! Another limited edition, so don't wait or you'll be sorry.

LP reissue by Classic Records pressed by RTI at 180g

Sealed and out of print.


Price :SOLD

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Yamaha CD-S2000 SACD Player (Used) SOLD

Specifications for the YAMAHA CD-S2000 SACD Player

Disc Compatibility : SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Signal to Noise Ratio: 116dB (CD/SACD)
Frequency Response : 2Hz - 20kHz (CD)
2Hz - 50kHz (SACD)
THD 0.002% (CD)
0.0017% (SACD)
Dynamic Range : 100dB (CD)
110dB (SACD)
Power Supply AC : 110-240V, 50Hz
CD-S2000 Dimensions : Width 435mm
Height 137mm
Depth 440mm
Weight 15kg

Yamaha CD-S2000
-SACD Playback
-Independent power supplies with completely isolated digital and analogue sections
-Full-stange balanced signal transmission
-High precision CD drive
-Wooden side panelling
-Pure Direct mode
-Heavy duty construction with specially designed feet
-Come with original Remote control & Operation manual.
-1 years old only. (9/10)
-100% in good working condition
-Asking for RMSOLD

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

JVC QL5 turntable ( Used ) Sold

JVC QL5 Quartz Lock direct drive turntable in excellent working condition.C/W original tone arm, dust cover and copy of service manual.No repair done.Cartridge not included.
Condition : 8/10
Dimension in inches : 19W x 6H x 15D
Weight : 11 kg.
Location : Ipoh
Asking Price : SOLD
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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


1. Baila - Katerina/Lui Zelaya
2. Elejigbo - Los Fernando
3. Gole Sangam - Mera/Gypsy Bandidos
4. Linda - Dalia/Lui Zelaya
5. Bandoleo - Debra Fortunato/Gypsy Bandidos
6. Habibi - Shad
7. Halla - Moustafa Amar
8. O Baila - Lui Zelaya
9. Talalil - Sahara Girls
10. Ya Habibi - Gypsy Bandidos
11. C'Est Toi - Mr. Cool/Maurice
12. Baila Habibi - (remix)

Made in USA, Like New

Asking For: RM25.00

Contact: Mr. Tan: 017-710 8236,

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tangerine Dream - Goblins Club (USED)

Tangerine Dream - Goblins Club (USED)

1. Towards The Evening Star
2. At Darwin's Motel
3. On Crane's Passage
4. Rising Haul In Silence
5. United Goblins Parade
6. Lamb With Radar Eyes
7. Elf June And The Midnight Patrol
8. Sad Merlin's Sunday

Imported CD (U.S.A)

Asking For: RM35.00 (Very Good Condition)

Contact: Mr. Tan: 017-710 8236,

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ami Continental 2 jukebox ( used ) Sold

Ami Continental 2 jukebox in excellent working condition. The jukebox have been totally restored and plays very well. C/W 100 pcs. 45 EP with various titles. Can be viewed on Monday-Saturday. This Ami jukebox is very heavy and self collection is prefer but courier service can be arranged.
Location : Ipoh
Asking price : SOLD
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

Friday, 7 October 2011


Enesco is very light and lively and is also very familiar and accessible. This particular recording, has a lots of ambience and is very fun to listen to. Upon its original release, the Stravinsky has gotten many praises. This album is a treasure for today's audiophiles.

Vienna State Opera Orchestra (Enesco)
Vladimer Golschmann, conductor
Instrumental Ensemble (Stravinsky)
Leopold Stokowski, conductor

Georges Enesco (1881-1955)

1. Rumanian Rhapsody No. 1 in A major
2. Rumanian Rhapsody No. 2 in D. major
Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)
The Soldiers Tale Suite

3. The Soldier's March
4. Soldier At The Brook
5. Pastorale
6. The Royal March
7. The Little Concert
Three Dances
8. Tango
9. Waltz
10. Ragtime
11. The Devil's Dance
12. The Great Chorale
13. The Devil's Triumphal March

LP reissue by Analogue Productions

Price : RM160 (NEGO)
CONTACT/SMS : KT 0195941098

Kenneth Alwyn - Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture, Capriccio Italien, & Marche Slave 180G NEW LP

The 1812 Overture, Tchaikovsky’s musical tribute to celebrate victory over Napoleon’s army, is one of those 19th-century works which is seldom performed in the concert hall due to the enormous number of instruments it requires. This programmatic symphonic work with its battlefield participants – male-voice choir, bell chimes, percussion, and cannon-fire – requires the utmost from everyone involved, from the tutti strings right up to the balance engineer. The gratifying result of a production made with only the very best ingredients can now be enjoyed once again with this re-release of a DECCA recording. The London Symphony Orchestra, led by Kenneth Alwyn, has achieved a remarkable feat, their rich timbre enhancing every nuance of this closely-knit score. Sonorous strings and polished brass wind passages ensure that the listener’s attention will be riveted right to the very last bar.

LP reissue by Speakers Conner
Pressed in 180G Virgin Vinyl
High Quality Pressing
Pure Analogue Audiophile Mastering
One of best sounding Decca records.

Price : SOLD
Contact/SMS : KT 0195941098

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lenco L75 turntable ( Used ) Sold

Lenco L75 turntable in excellent working condition. Made in Switzerland. C/W original tonearm, new solid wood plinth and new acrylic dust cover but without cartridge. Turntable upgraded with IEC power input and RCA signal output. Turntable runs very quiet and sounds very musical.
Condition : 7.5/10
Location : Ipoh
Asking price : SOLD
Please contact Alan 016-5576846

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ella Fitzgerald - Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! 200G CLASSIC RECORDS REISSUE

The First Lady of Song is at her most intensely swinging and graceful level for this session of 14 songs including "Cry Me a River" and "'Round Midnite".

"...a superior representation of the singer as a jazz interpreter. This set is one of her best." - John Tynan, Down Beat, 1962

Classic Records stereo edition reveals the First Lady of Song at her most intensely swinging and graceful level. John Tynan's 1962 Down Beat review calls this LP "...a superior representation of the singer as a jazz interpreter. This set is one of her best."

"Clap Hands includes the most breathtaking vocalizing of 'Round Midnight' and possibly the most intimate sonics of any jazz vocal record in history." - Fred Kaplan, The Absolute Sound, December 2005 (included in Kaplan's "Best-Sounding Jazz LPs")

1. Night in Tunisia
2. You're My Thrill
3. My Reverie
4. Stella By Starlight
5. 'Round Midnight
6. Jersey Bounce
7. Signing Off
8. Cry Me a River
9. This Year's Kisses
10. Good Morning Heartache
11. (I Was) Born To Be Blue
12. Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!
13. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
14. Music Goes 'Round and 'Round

Recorded January 1961 in New York City and June 1961 in Los Angeles.




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